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DREAMERS Artist Journey…


​With THE DREAMERS PERFORMANCE COMPANY, dancers will be taken to the next level by learning in a semiprofessional setting to help develop their skills and prepare them for what’s to come in the industry.

What do I do now? What happens after I graduate from High School and my local dance studio as a young adult and want to pursue a career in dance? What are my options with my dance experience?

We all know how exciting and life-changing it gets at the time you finish High School and transition into your young adult life and perhaps college. There are lots of different feelings and emotions and your life seems to change so quickly! 

​ADE is looking to help bridge that gap and give an opportunity for young professionals to gather the necessary skills and ​guidance to continue their dance careers.

ADE sees that for many young artists it is not always easy to get opportunities to find artistic growth during their young adult or college years, and sometimes they feel disconnected from the dance community they were in 24/7 when they were younger. This lack of opportunity makes it difficult for young dance professionals to find a place in the industry. It is our hope to provide that structure and mentorship so young dancers can find their niche in the industry.



OUR Dreamers will get to transition into young adult life and college but still be able to keep engaging and learning from our faculty and guest choreographers in multiple ways.

Here is what ADE’s most ambitious program aims to do for these young artists after graduation as an ADE Senior Noble (18-19 years old).

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Prodigy All-Stars Program + Emerging Art
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