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Artistic Dance Exchange is dedicated to creating a safe and family environment that Is anti-racist and anti-othering. We celebrate all racial backgrounds, genders, abilities, ages, disabilities, shapes, LGBTQIA2+ identities, and economic levels of freedom, and we do not tolerate any language or actions that could be considered offensive, discriminatory, or racist.


Equitable Hiring Practices – Artistic Dance Exchange does not discriminate against any job applicant because of their racial background, gender, ability, age, disability, shape, LGBTQIA2+ identity, immigrant status, or economic level of freedom. We are proud to have a diverse team to provide you with a great experience and welcome you into our community. During the hiring process, a background check is conducted on all team members.


In the event that a guest or team member experiences racism brothering we have provided a tip line to report any instances of harm. You can access it BY FILLING OUT the form below. This is a confidential and safe zone for you to explain your concerns.


Our faculty of educators are trained to speak to all dancers and guests uniformly. For example, we encourage our faculty and team to say “dancers “instead of gendering, so we don’t make assumptions. As part of our continued growth, we are open to suggestions and corrections.


Equitable opportunities for scholarships are provided to all guests. Dancers are awarded scholarships not only based on technical ability but also based on sportsmanship, work ethic, and potential.

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