A Letter from Our Director:

When I started to create the concept for ARTISTIC DANCE EXCHANGE, I wanted to offer something special and unique from the regular competition circuit. We all understand the competition side of dance, but dance is also an art form and a passion. I would like all dancers to have theatrical exposure, and to be awarded with exciting and real dance experiences that offer much more than just the dance competition world.


Our INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS, are programs that are being recognized by the dance industry as innovative. The groups or individuals awarded, will have the opportunity to experience various dance cultures! Dance companies and professionals that have made a name within the international dance community will welcome these American exchange dancers to perform in the participating country’s national dance festival – all expenses paid!


I believe that all young and upcoming dancers need to be exposed to all dance forms and environments, to allow them to experience a world that is far more intriguing than just the commercial competition world. I hope you enjoy our experience with Artistic Dance Exchange, and I look forward to seeing you on our elite stage!


Juan Borona

Meet the Staff & Directors:


Juan  Borona

Co-Founder / Artistic Director

Alex Chan

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Jill Marie

Regional Director

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